Greetings, my name is Alvaro Pereyra I am a software engineer. My foot in the door in an office environment stemmed from my knowledge of IT (Information Technology) hence "Alvaro is IT .com". Although I don't enjoy unboxing, setting up Android phones and Windows machines as much as I used to, the IT knowledge goes with me everywhere I go. "No, I will not remove the virus from your computer!"

My favorite computer programing language is Java because it is a portable low level language. Even though automatic garbage collection can sometimes be annoying, in Java some native objects are always called by reference, something you can't do with most of the modern scripting languages like Python, and Ruby. My favorite scripting language is shell script, because it is classic, compatible, easy to debug, and portable.

My most hatted programing language has to be Javascript ( I hate it more than learning C++/CLI in college ). Even though you can do some cool stuff like replicate Adobe Flash Player, Ajax, and facilitates autocompleting forms using third party APIs, it gives rookie front end developers a false sense of security when used for data validation. ( What happens if your Javascript fails to load? )

I am currently learning Scala and its integration with Akka.

More boring stuff about me:

  • Spaces over tabs (It only took me 10 years to figure this one out)
  • Vim over emacs, I was never an emacs coder, I started editing files with nano now I ":wq" instead of "Command + S" sometimes
  • FreeBSD over Windows
  • Iphone over Android
  • Chrome over Internet Explorer, unless it is Internet Explorer 5 for Mac, those were the days